Homestay Program

Fancy having your vacation in a country where you can meet warm friendly people and get a first-hand experience on the way of life of the locals?

Then, look no further but pack your bags and head to Malaysia. 

In Malaysia, you will find a multi-cultural society of kind friendly nature living in a harmonious setting. 

Over here we welcome you with such warmth and sincerity that you will instantly feel welcomed and at home.

To personally experience the hospitality of our affable and genial people you are cordially invited to share with us, experience with us our customary way of life and unique culture. 

Stay with us, in our homes under our Homestay Program. We promise you, you’ll never be out of new exciting things to do, to see, to taste, to smell, or simply to soak in while staying with us.

No guests are strangers to us. We consider and treat guests just like one of us, a part of the family. 

So while staying under our roof you will get to dig in into a variety of our scrumptious local dishes and eat your food just like the way we do here, with our hands.

And like the rest of us, you’ll be wearing the comfortable sarong while indoors. ‘What is a sarong?’ you ask. Well, you’ll just have to come down here and find out for yourself, won’t you?

Besides, we have lots of exciting things to show you, to let you experience. Nothing is worth seeing if you don’t get to experience it personally. 

There’s a local cultural dance to see, a silat performance to keep you on your toes or simply to be seated among the locals for a traditional Malay wedding that is filled with cultural ceremony every step of the way. 

And there’s more but we can’t possibly list them all in here. You’ll just have to be here to see it for yourself.

Oh and don’t forget, if you’re exhausted from all those cultural shows and stuff, you can always go for a relaxing treatment of our very own unique herbal massage. 

Our expert masseuses will make you feel more invigorated and rejuvenated and in no time, you will be ready again to seek out for more adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on, let’s come down here and experience it for yourself how it feels to live among us. 

You will be pleased with the treatment and genuine warmth extended to you by the local people.

Come on, stay with us, live among us under our Homestay Program. 

We assure you it will be an experience you will appreciate and cherish for years to come.